Where’s the page of links for Faculty & Staff?

The homepage link for Faculty & Staff will take you to the My TU portal login page beginning January 11.

Login to My TU and you’ll find your links are still there, but better organized. 

My TU provides a central, secure place where faculty and staff can easily access, organize and personalize information – from the office or home.  It’s a convenient gateway to many Towson University resources, including Faculty Center, PeopleSoft, Timesheet, SharePoint sites, Forms Repository, and more.  Inside the portal you can change the content, add your favorite bookmarks, and keep the links you use the most on your homepage.

Even before you login, you’ll still have quick access to the most popular links.  

Please let us know what you think about My TU. We welcome your feedback and plan continuing iterations to improve the portal over time. Watch for updates on the My TU Portal Blog and e-mail the TU Web Portal Team at mytufeedback@towson.edu with your suggestions and comments.

Please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk, x4-5151, if you experience problems with login.

View these Portal help docs for tips and training. Read our blog.


Tips for using the portal

Here’s a tip that will make the portal easier to use.

How to Add Your Frequently Used Links to “My Bookmarks” in the Portal

Did you know that you can take your favorite Web links with you everywhere?  Whether you’re on campus or at home, you can access your favorites from any computer by saving them in “My Bookmarks”  in the My TU portal.

Here’s how.  

Simply copy the URL of the Web link you want to save.  (Highlight the URL, right click and select copy)

In the My Bookmarks portlet click on ADD NEW BOOKMARK.

Right click in the URL field and select paste.

In the BOOKMARK NAME field give the bookmark a name (such as New York Times)

Click save.

You can even bookmark pages within PeopleSoft.  This will prevent you from having to remember the navigation to pages you use frequently.

My TU is replacing the gateway page of links for faculty and staff on January 11. Login to try the MyTU portal now. 

View these Portal help docs for tips and training.

My TU is replacing the “Information for Faculty & Staff” gateway page on January 11, 2011

The My TU portal is replacing the Information for Faculty and Staff gateway on January 11, 2011. You will still be able to access the links now on the gateway page. You can navigate to them directly on the TU site, or use the Google search to find them. You’ll find most of the links now on the gateway in the portal.

If your link is missing, you can add it to the “My Bookmarks” portlet inside the portal. You can also choose to save your link as a Favorite on your computer, outside the portal.

Try the portal now or view these Portal help documents for tips and training.

Portal timeout increased

The Office of Technology Services has been actively pursuing a solution to the timeout problems faculty and staff are experiencing inside the My TU portal.

Prior to the reconfiguring of the portal, there was a 30-minute timeout in place even when users were actively working in applications such as Forms Repository, PeopleSoft or Timesheet.

To solve this problem, the portal timeout period has been increased to four hours. This means that if you log in to the portal and are actively working in an application, you will not be timed out for four hours. However, please note that you will still receive a timeout warning when you are inactive in PeopleSoft for 30 minutes.

We will communicate updates through this blog, OTS alerts and Daily Digest as we work on a permanent solution to the timeout issue and other portal improvements. We appreciate your patience. 

Please login to My TU to try the portal. We welcome your feedback  at mytufeedback@towson.edu.

Try the portal

The My TU portal brings web information, tools and resources for faculty and staff together in one convenient, secure location. Give it a try!

You can access My TU from the Information for Faculty & Staff gateway or from the My TU link at the top of the global navigation.

After login, the portal will recognize you as faculty or staff and present you with the tools and resources relevant to your job or academic pursuits. You can customize the content and layout of your portal by adding, removing or rearranging “portlets,” the containers that hold content information from various sources.

You can edit some portlets to add your favorite bookmarks, news, research links, documents and more. You can decide which portlets to keep on your Homepage and which ones you’d like on your More Resources page. When you log off, changes to your personal layout are saved, and you’ll see them again the next time you log in to My TU.

There will a series of continuing iterations to improve the portal over time. We welcome feedback from the campus community to enhance the portal.

Watch for updates on the My TU Portal Blog and e-mail the TU Web Portal Team at mytufeedback@towson.edu with your suggestions and comments. Please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk if you experience problems with login. You can reach the Help Desk at 410-704-5151.

My TU Faculty/Staff Soft Launch

After a year’s work of user research, design and development, Towson University is preparing to officially launch the My TU Faculty/Staff Portal to the entire campus on April 27th.

In the short-term, however, we are having a soft-launch of the newly designed portal to a limited audience. This soft-launch will begin April 6th.

A  preliminary group of 70+ users will be testing the portal in order for us to collect any final feedback before the official launch.

We will be collecting their feedback, documenting it, and prioritizing it for future enhancements and iterations to the portal.

We look forward to the full launch on April 27th, and continued opportunity to improve My TU to meet the needs of the faculty and staff.

MyTU Portal Blog

Welcome to the MyTU Portal blog. Here we will share updates and progress for the ongoing development of the Towson University Faculty/Staff and Student Portals.